Go-Go Pops, New Flavors are Always Coming

At last count, we had about 70 Go-Go Pop recipes, each one uniquely inspired, developed and brought into being just for you!  On any given day, we will have between 12 and 20 available at the store or your nearby Farmers Market.

Some winter developments:  Milla Vanilla and Green Faerie.  The Milla Vanilla!  Lip-Syncing Good!  This thing is so good, we don’t know why we didn’t make it a long time ago.  We use lots of real vanilla bean and sweeten with organic sweetened condensed milk–the Milla Vanilla is so popular it is threatening the Fudgie Wudgie for the Top Pop slot.  The Green Faerie is beautiful, refreshing and deliciously light.  We combine avocado and kiwi with just the right combination of coconut water and agave nectar–YUM!

We also made a fresh batch of Pumpkin Pie Pops–so often requested that they are now a year-round pop.  When you try it, you will understand why!

Today’s pop menu includes Orange Cream, Milla Vanilla, Fudgie Wudgie, Pumpkin Pie, Wild Blueberry-Lemon, Blueberry Buttermilk, Green Faerie, Banana-Strawberry, Lime Mojito, Mango, Star Pop, Cantaloupe-Ginger, Poached Pear and Raspberry-Lemon.

Remember, the Mango and Star Pops have no added sugar, no sweetener at all!  And when we sweeten, we sweeten lightly, using only organic cane sugar, organic sweetened condensed milk, organic agave nectar or local honey.

Bubble Tea is Back!

As Spring Awakens, so does the Bubble Tea at Go-Go Pops!  Stop by the store and try our incredible Bubble Tea made with organic, fair-trade tea and real fruit!  Today’s offerings are Mango Nilgiri, Raspberry Green, Lemon Ginger and Black Chai.

Gearing up for the warm weather!

We are expanding our Farmers Market presence this year.  We will be adding Pleastantville on Saturdays, Rye and Park Slope on Sundays.  YES!  We are stepping into the city!  We can’t wait to introduce Go-Go Pops to Brooklyn!

All About Go-Go Pops!

Go-Go Pops was born in the summer of 2008 when the economy spiraled downward and job losses affected everyone. With genuine entrepreneurial spirit, Greg and Lynn Miller looked at what they loved and did best and began to develop ideas for a new business. Greg and Lynn have many years of specialty food and food service experience between them but wanted to create something brand new that reflected their optimistic, “go-go” energy. Thinking back to her childhood when she froze fresh grapes and ate them as mini-ice pops, Lynn made the very first batch of go-go pops (what came to be known as the Grapey-Grape) of fresh green grapes suspended inside concord grape juice. Next came the Strawberry-Banana with slices of banana surrounded by lightly sweetened strawberry puree. Their son Jack and his friend Finn gobbled them up in a snap and Greg observed “I think we’re on to something!” and Go-Go Pops came alive!

They decided to test the waters by selling their pops at their local farmers’ market in Cold Spring, NY to see if other people liked the pops as much as they did. They were soon overwhelmed with requests to join other farmers’ markets. That first summer Greg and Lynn expanded to two other markets and they discovered it was the best place to source the fruit and vegetables (yes, veggie pops are tasty too!) for their delicious pops. In the summer of 2009 Go-Go Pops were available at more than eight different farmers’ markets and music and art festivals.  Since then, theyíve developed over 70 delicious flavors using many fruits and vegetables grown in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.

Ever present, though, were the questions, “Where is your store?” and  “Where can I get your pops during the week?” After what seemed like an eternity, Greg and Lynn found a location in Cold Spring and opened their ìpop shopî at 64 Main Street in April, 2010. To accommodate for the seasonal appeal of frozen treats, they expanded their concept into a pop, juice and coffee bar and included fresh juices and fruit smoothies, soups, baked goods and a full line of organic and fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate offered by the bean or by the cup.

Visitors and locals alike love Go-Go Pops and Go-Go Joe. Many people remark that the best coffee or espresso they’ve ever had was found at the Miller’s little shop. Even the Wall Street Journal and New York Times thought their offerings were unique enough to mention. Browse the links below to see what they said, then come and taste for yourself!

Philipstown.info video posted on You Tube.

Then the Wall Street Journal:

Cold Spring, N.Y.: Day Trips From New York, Low Housing Prices
Draw New Residents – WSJ.com

Then the NY Times:

From the Farm – South Salem – Tomatoes Have Thrived
on the Summer Heat – NYTimes.com

This week at Go-Go Pops

Oh, the weather was harsh
The roads nigh untrackable
But Go-Go has prevailed
Bringing forth the delectable

Cold Spring and South Salem
Two markets not abutting
Host the Go-Go vibe
On Saturdays in the morning

The quiche shall be scallion
Aside tomato and goat cheese
The soup rich with lentil
Organic, sure to please

The Pops Perpetually awesome
The coffee is the best
Come and get some Go-Go
Let not your mojo rest

64 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516
Hours 8 AM until 8 PM

Come see the coolest store in the world at 64 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY!!! Go-Go Pops. We have Go-Go Pops (of course) and fresh-made juices. We also have an amazing selection of organic and fair-trade coffees. We will soon be adding awesome soups, smoothies and espresso! Check out photos at our Go-Go Pops Facebook page!

Satchmo’s Go-Go

In honor of Mardi Gras, his week’s soup will be New Orleans style Red Beans and Rice. Louis Armstrong famously signed his letters, “Red Beans and Ricely Yours.” Our beans are made with lotsa Go-Go love, chorizo from Grazin’ Angus Farms, spicy andouille sausage, organic chicken stock and organic beans. One bite and you’ll be feelin’ that Satchmo swing!

Go-Go Winter Additions

Like all powerful life forces, Go-Go has to adapt. Fortunately, our adaptations are all beneficial. First, we added coffee…fantastic, organic, fair-trade coffee. Then we added fresh biscuits and scones. Then we added our awesome quiches and soups. Now we have also added BUBBLE TEA! To try our Go-Go Bubble Tea, visit the Cold Spring Farmer’s Market at the Philipstown Community Center on Saturdays from 8:30 to 1:30. You’ll love it!

Go-Go Pops is on the Move!

Shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone, but Go-Go Pops is getting closer to a permanent retail location! Shhhhhhh!!!! You’ll be able to get Go-Go Pops every day in every flavor…and…smoothies, fresh juices, awesome fair-trade organic coffee and lots of other cool stuff too. We’ll keep you posted!

Desire for Go-Go Improvement Not Limited by Species

—Beacon, NY
“Watch this,” invited a happy repeat Go-Go Pops™ customer at the Beacon Farmers Market. Then it happened. No one expected it, not even the most open-minded Go-Go lovers. The bird, perched on the shoulder of her fellow Go-Go enthusiast, nibbled the edge of the Watermelon Go-Go Pop. Then she ate some more. Then she went for the stick, prompting a firm but gentle lecture on sharing. What form of advanced, exotic raptor was this? The answer is in dispute but this reporter suspects it to have been the fabled Norwegian Blue given its fearless approach to frozen delight.