All About Go-Go Pops!

Go-Go Pops was born in the summer of 2008 when the economy spiraled downward and job losses affected everyone. With genuine entrepreneurial spirit, Greg and Lynn Miller looked at what they loved and did best and began to develop ideas for a new business. Greg and Lynn have many years of specialty food and food service experience between them but wanted to create something brand new that reflected their optimistic, “go-go” energy. Thinking back to her childhood when she froze fresh grapes and ate them as mini-ice pops, Lynn made the very first batch of go-go pops (what came to be known as the Grapey-Grape) of fresh green grapes suspended inside concord grape juice. Next came the Strawberry-Banana with slices of banana surrounded by lightly sweetened strawberry puree. Their son Jack and his friend Finn gobbled them up in a snap and Greg observed “I think we’re on to something!” and Go-Go Pops came alive!

They decided to test the waters by selling their pops at their local farmers’ market in Cold Spring, NY to see if other people liked the pops as much as they did. They were soon overwhelmed with requests to join other farmers’ markets. That first summer Greg and Lynn expanded to two other markets and they discovered it was the best place to source the fruit and vegetables (yes, veggie pops are tasty too!) for their delicious pops. In the summer of 2009 Go-Go Pops were available at more than eight different farmers’ markets and music and art festivals.  Since then, theyíve developed over 70 delicious flavors using many fruits and vegetables grown in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.

Ever present, though, were the questions, “Where is your store?” and  “Where can I get your pops during the week?” After what seemed like an eternity, Greg and Lynn found a location in Cold Spring and opened their ìpop shopî at 64 Main Street in April, 2010. To accommodate for the seasonal appeal of frozen treats, they expanded their concept into a pop, juice and coffee bar and included fresh juices and fruit smoothies, soups, baked goods and a full line of organic and fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate offered by the bean or by the cup.

Visitors and locals alike love Go-Go Pops and Go-Go Joe. Many people remark that the best coffee or espresso they’ve ever had was found at the Miller’s little shop. Even the Wall Street Journal and New York Times thought their offerings were unique enough to mention. Browse the links below to see what they said, then come and taste for yourself! video posted on You Tube.

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